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Android Development

The iOS and Android operating systems have changed the nature of mobile phone. Both these operating systems support million of applications that can people used on their phones. That is why, developers working extensively to develop these apps. Android operating system is open-sourced while iOS is closed-source. Therefore, the development process for both is little different. Developers of Cool Blue Networks understand the nature of these OS and develop the app so that it can work in each Android and iOS enabled device. Android operating system is the production of Google Inc. the system is developed to compete the Apple Inc. in smart phone industry. Cool Blue Networks has been developing apps for Android since the Google Play launched in 2009. We have developed several full-features apps for Android. Cool Blue Networks offer complete app to its client according to their requirement. Our innovative developing teams understand the importance of creating highly functional and aesthetic Apps. With the working experience of more than 5 years, we know how to satisfy the customer need.

We have adopted simple criteria for Android application development: we develop and design innovative applications with easy to use interface, which attract the user and keep their interests. Additionally, we are committed to deliver the app, which can engage and enhance their user experience. Cool Blue Networks has adopted the same platform for developing Android apps, which gave us popularity on iOS platform. We strongly encourage your complex ideas and we will refine the app to make it entirely intuitive, innovative and enjoyable to use.

Our development process

The app development process at Cool Blue Networks begins with the requirement of the client. After fully analyzing the possibilities, rules and regulation and limitations, our developing team starts working on it. Cool Blue Networks differentiates itself from other so called leading developing companies via its rigorous process that examine an idea from concept to quality assurance. Every step in our app development process is carefully coordinated to ensure the optimum level of customer satisfaction. Please visit our Mobile Apps section to see a visual representation of app development process.