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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step of every successful online marketing process. The deliberate keyword researching strengthens the whole of SEO process. Finding the potential keywords is necessary to gain more traffic to your website. The higher the traffic the higher will be ROI. Cool Blue Networks know the importance of Keyword research; therefore, we offer the the result oriented services.

Our Keyword Research Process

You need to understand that the keyword research depends upon the potential of your website. That is why; we always analyze your website before sending you a proposal. Our SEO keyword research process includes analysis of website, finding the potential keywords and then enriches the content with new keywords. If the existing html coding is not according to the defined standards of SEO then we will change it to perform the successful SEO.

There are many online keyword search tool, but we favor Google keyword tool. The reason is simple, as Google is a leading search engine, therefore we can get the clear insight to the keywords of website. Cool Blue Network will analyze the content of your site using Google Keyword tool and then sort out the potential keywords that we believe can deliver the best result. After Google, we also check the potential of your website on other leading search engines like Bing and Yahoo. We will collect a mix of broad, exact and phrase tail keywords and then apply the SEO strategies to market your website. Cool Blue Networks will also focus on the content and will add the branded keywords and non-branded keywords.

The data base of the website will be shared so that you can also check out the performance of the website. We will also provide you the clear insight of the keyword used by the competitors. In case want to target the local customer, then we can provide you a localized version of potential keyword. So with all above discussion, Cool Blue Networks guarantees you the success that you are willing for.