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E-Commerce Marketing

Attract customers to your site with E-commerce Marketing. As the name suggests it is a marketing tool that is usually used to promote E-commerce enabled websites. With this tool, you can capture the worldwide market rather than limited existing market. By simply uploading an e-commerce website, you can earn the extravagant amount of money. The marketing technique is simple and cost effective.

As you know that physical marketing requires extensive investment, but that is not the case with e-commerce. On the internet, customer can access your website with just a single mouse click and he/she can take a quick insight of your website. But the point of concern is, whether website has earned something during customer visit? Undoubtedly, the answer shall be NO! Because they have only visited your website and but didn't not provide you the expected earnings. So here comes the E-commerce marketing. By using this tool you can earn the amount that you are willing for.

One must need to understand, that in physical marketing the consumer buy a product because of strong motivational level and high perception toward the company. The similar rule applies in E-commerce Marketing, Similarly, for online business your website should have the potential that it can target the motivational level of visitors and urge them to purchase a product or service. After all, if you could not successfully target your customer, they will have to move on to next website for purchase.

Key Benefits of E-Commerce

E-Commerce Marketing gives you following benefits

  • Target the customers worldwide without putting much effort.
  • Like physical marketing, offers the product according to different segments.
  • Create, implement and manage campaign performance across channels
  • Easily view sale and campaign performance using role based dashboards
  • Manage mobile, affiliate marketing and search engines.

Cool Blue Network offers E-Commerce services

Generally, e-commerce marketing will increase the traffic to your website. Not only traffic, but also it gives you an extra source of income. Therefore, Cool Blue Networks provides you full fledge marketing solution. In combination with our other services, we can provide a range of e-Commerce marketing services that will help take your online business to the next level.

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  • Website Conversion Tactics
  • Funnel and Goal Creation
  • Product Feeds
  • Product Comparison Site Marketing
  • Third Party Store Creation – Amazon, Yahoo, eBay
  • Web Analytics Services