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Do You Think Your Digital Information is Secure?

What would happen, if critical & sensitive data is stolen by a competitor?
What would be the legal consequences if customer data is stolen?
What would be the financial impact of an hour network downtime due to an attack?
Did you know that 90% of all networks and applications have vulnerabilities?

Benefits of a Penetration Test
Gives you a picture of your security exposure
Allows you to enhance security efficiently
Helps you manage risk
Helps you develop a security strategy

Maximising your Security
A Security Penetration Test will cost-effectively assess your digital security
Should any weaknesses be identified we will show you how to fix them
DOS Attack Prevention
Cool Blue Networks LLC specializes in stopping DDoS and DoS attacks of all varieties. This is our sole purpose, and our anti DDoS network is built to handle the largest and most complex attacks.
24X7 Network Montoring Services
Monitors the critical health status of devices and line of business applications
Remotely diagnoses problems before they occur
Restarts essential Services automatically
Capacity planning reports for informed IT purchasing and budget decisions
Minimize network and device downtime that causes lost productivity
Cisco/Avaya/Nortel Support
Design & Re-Design
Configuration Reviews
Configuration Set-Ups / Changes
Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
Software and Hardware Maintenance
End of Life, End of Sale, End of Support Advisory